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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Boys will remain as boys
(Translation: Boys' intellect stop at 19. Men, indeed, are boys trapped in larger pieces of skins)

I won't tell everything that happened to me yesterday detail by detail. If that's the case, this would serve more than its purpose as a blog entry.

Picture Madness

I was in school in the morning to get my card and to view the long-awaited prom pictures. Grades were fair enough but I lacked ONE A- to receive an honor. This pisses me off. The presentation of the prom pictures was horrible!! When I got to Sports Complex, the walls of the stage were entirely covered with thousands of snappies. It was as if the photographer clumsily slapped the wall with photos that weren't even arranged properly. Mind you, there are around 350 students in our batch (X 2 for our dates) and photos were taken at random so you just can't visualize how many you'd encounter before you see your faces.

Shop Attack!!

Trina and I went to Galleria afterwards. We shopped (a girl's favorite pastime). We just wanted to treat ourselves with new beach getups. We also watched SpongeBob and there were only a few people in the movie house so we ended up laughing really loud. LOLZ.

I went to Greenhills afterwards to accompany my sis-in-law. She did a major shopping binge coz she wanted to bring lots of local stuufs back in the States. After all, every balikbayan never fails to bring home numerous mementos courtesy of the Philippines' undying love for shopping. Haha

Realities of Men

Libis was next stop coz we had to pick up our friends who just did a modeling appearance on the Fashion Week. We immediately moved to Makati because there was a severe case of drought in Libis. Greenbelt was okay, but not what I expected on a payday Friday. Temple blah blah blah.. My long lost friend Bea Rodriguez was there!!! I call her my Run-away Babe coz she always runs away from home. Super happy and excited when I saw her. Though at times she gets to be an ass, she's all good to be with, definitely a friend who won't leave you hanging. She deejay-ed and bartended a bar in Puerto. She got herself a tat that had all her friends' names blotted. So there, she got to be all nasty without the supervision of her parents. Tsk tsk.

Other unexpected dudes were there, too (Vanessa Gar, Bro, Ton Jimenez, Angel Dionisio, VJ Johann, Ted Castro). My so-called friends didn't fail to show their thick faces, as well. Let me elaborate this part: When we were on our way home at 4am, the freaks called our attention and wanted a fight. One was making up a story that my friend, Angel (a guy) was staring at him while we were outside Temple having a couple of drinks. This dude was up for a fight and was claiming he could kill my friend with his bare hands. And so he took his shirt off, revealing what he thinks he's "got." So practically it started with a "stare" that wasn't even factual. If ever it was, what's a simple look gotta do with that? He wasn't even sure if he was glancing at him because he had a funny blank written on his face. At first I thought the boys were just fooling around, so I didn't take it seriously but when the other party started to kick Angel, I knew there was something going on, definitely a "something" not worth elaborating so I'll end my story here. What happens there, stays there.

I don't know who's to blame. Was it the alcohol? Were they even drunk? Or is it just that some men could get even worse than being immature? I reckon that once you box all guys under one roof, they would end up killing each other. The last one standing would probably even beat up himself arguing why he left no one to wrestle around with. I think no man can stand a lifetime without getting into a fist fight. They say manhood is simply about feeding their egos. The more you insult, the manlier you become. The more people you kill in a rumble, the more worthy of living you become. The more heartache you give to women, the more commendable you are to have as a boyfriend. Sheesh. I dont have anything aginst men. They just made me think this way about them. Now there's an alternative step towards world peace. Haha

-Tinay 6:10 PM |

~*~I have my feet buried beneath sand, I have my mind burned with desire and I have my heart blistered with your broken promises~*~

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