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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I ended up eating my words, I don't really mind. People really make mistakes :) In fact, I'm glad that I have to make this post. I learned that everything I accused of him is wrong. Everything is clear now. We were able to patch things up and work whatever crashed on us for the past week. I feel that I became too hard on him, accusing without evidence. In fact I based my judgments on wrong analysis and reasoning. I really don't have a career in detective work :) Anyway, I think I owe him a lot and I have to make it up to him. I already know the extents of my jealousy ;p It brought me a looong way! Boo!


For the girl who asked how I got the UST Results....
I think Globe and Smart temporarily deactivated this service.
type-- hello ust ustet (application number) send to 2333 for Globe and 211 for Smart
Service will be activated on January 28, 2006

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Saturday, January 21, 2006
Falling in love has always been the scariest thing that happens to me. I once failed in love and I should've taken that as a sign that I am not for those fantasies.

Betrayal is such a strong word, feeling it is much stronger. It pierces right through your heart, crushing every vein. Tears have been blinding my eyes for hours now, I am losing hope. His lame excuses echoes in my ears, they stay there to let the hurting remain. I'm losing words, all I could type about are nasty thoughts on this thing they call love.

Sure, it is a great thing if you know how to handle situations that seem unbearable (or if you are one in a million of those girls who bagged the good guys). Majority agree with me, boys really suck on love. They feed on pride, they live on the good life. That is all they care about.

Men seems to have the key to your heart's ventricles- the one responsible for emotions, I guess. They easily access it, they easily get in it and they easily stop its beating. It's the 8th wonder, I must say.

I am not foolish, my pastor taught me that God says that people who take you for granted should be let go. There is a better path for you, soon that undeserving man would run to you in that same path but you won't look back anymore. Moving on is always forward. I don't think there is enough room for him to prove his worth. I've given him chances too many. If only I knew every single thing that wronged me in any circumstance. Well there is no way of knowing, I'm leaving it to God, him and THEM. Heartaches could be blessings, too. I would rather be blessed with a good college education than be blinded in a scam relationship. Everything was a fake. He was better than any actor I know. He made me believe, he made me hope, he even made me build dreams with him. I can be independent- building hopes and dreams on my own. No one shall depend her happiness to someone else for she should hold it in her own hands. So when he leaves, she would never have to cut off his hands because joy was never with him to begin with. I was right when I said that all the good things that landed on my lap for the past days has a price to pay. I paid CHEAP. I LOVE LIFE :) God saved me from falling debris on coming days.

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Friday, January 20, 2006
January 19, 2006

I have not blogged for a long time. Lately, I don't feel like blogging often and people who talk shit in my Tagboard annoy me a bit... NOT!

Well, Rob and I have been exploring what's to be seen nowadays. We went karting, yachting, riding and many more things that couples hardly think of as a cute thing to do. I'm so bored of the usual movie-in-a-mall habit.

Admitted to the De La Salle

Case No. : 13115
Examinee Name: Villanueva, Maria Katrina Faustino
School : Miriam College High School, Qc
Degree : BS-PSYC

My effort paid off (Right.) I'm kidding here big time! Actually I did not expect to pass the exam coz I slept at 5am before the test. We went clubbing then. Ugh, a toast to God coz He made it possible. I passed my first choice and BS-Psychology in DLSU is really good. I'm still looking forward to some more results... *keeping fingers crossed

mood: preparing for what Xans, Grace, Jourd and I call THE TAFT LIFE: A Sequel to the Good Katipunan Days

The sun's unfailing to shine on me. I'm afraid that soon it'll get me burned.

January 20, 2006

Admitted to the University of Santo Tomas

Hello MA. KATRINA FAUSTINO VILLANUEVA. NURSING-For Interview. BIOLOGY-Passed. For further information, please visit www.ust.edu.ph/ustet or visit the university.

I badly wanted to go to UST and I passed both of my choices. GOD has been blessing me with so many things lately. They only accept 600 out of 13,000 applicants (less than 5%), I guess that time GOD was really watching me. I'm more than happy :) I've given my parents the gift they deserve, I've gained myself some confidence, too. I've learned that GOD doesn't give you something you do not deserve or something that is not for you. In fact, HE helps you decide by eliminating bad choices. Hehehe. Well, not all things are for you.

You have to leave space, you have to feel rejection. By having to do so, you would feel an INTENSE, DEEPER, MORE ECSTATIC feeling of esteem and joy once you've been finally accepted to your real worth.

I pray to GOD that I'll be accepted to UP. UP is UP. There is no other school I desire more than UP but wherever God takes me, I'll let.


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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
I miss blogging, Belated Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to everyone!!!
December 2005 had been the loneliest Christmas. Not that it sucked but if I were to compare it with the previous years, well yeah, its a bit sucky. Or am I growing? They say the season is mainly for kids. Somehow I know people nowadays expect a lonelier celebration than before. I used to spend Christmas eve with my whole family. This time around, some were abroad, some were on their own homes and I was on my own. Boo. New year sucked a little less. Is it because there was less fireworks? Something inside me keeps looking for a missing piece and I am starting to hate it. The more I keep looking, the more I'd feel empty. It's like looking for something that doesn't even exist. People should really stop searching for whatsoever that would make them happy.

Christmas Wishlist

Red Honda sIR

iPod Video

So there I went enlisting top two things that would make me happy. Hehe!!

-be back soon. lunch

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~*~I have my feet buried beneath sand, I have my mind burned with desire and I have my heart blistered with your broken promises~*~

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