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Monday, February 05, 2007
MOVED!!!!!!!!!!! www.tinayvillanueva.multiply.com

-Tinay 9:57 PM |

Sunday, September 03, 2006
The house feels so empty without him.

I went home at 4am on a Saturday from a weekend booze and what made me bluer was the sight of his old, freaky-looking, spikey, squeaky toy right at the corner of my door. My friend picked him up this afternoon and after leading him to the backseat door of his new family, tears endlessly fell from my eyes.

He was like my shadow, he would not fail to accompany me to the restroom in the middle of the night. He would happily welcome me whenever I ring the doorbell. He even pees when he gets too excited. He likes munching on my socks whenever I put them on. He likes placing his snout right at my CPU blower and I'd kick him so he'd back off. He stands on two feet whenever I'm eating so he could take a glance at what I'm eating and he sticks out his tongue and gives me that look that says he wants some food, too. So I slip some chunk of rice underneath the dining table so he's be satisfied then he'd stand like a biped so he'd get some more. He steps on my face in the morning to wake me up for school. He snatches tissue paper from the trash can and munches on them whenever I forget to close the restroom's door. He hates it when I squeeze his button nose but he lets me because he knows I like it. He stays asleep until I wake up on lazy days. He immediately goes in front of a newly turned-on aircon so his hair would be blown in a backward direction just like a model dog. He lets me scratch his stomach and I bury my face into his smooth, perfectly-combed fur afterwards and tickle his stomach with my nose. He likes playing hide and seek and even though I hide in the same places, he still pretends he's had a hard time then tags right at me then makes a run for his turn to hide.

How can I give up something that is so proud when he's newly bathed? It's like he's boasting out "Hey, I smell good now, you can hug me some more"

But he peed on my Mom's favorite rag. He took a crap on the sofa. The maid was complaining.
He peed on Mom's favorite rag then on the sofa. Next, he chewed on the legs of our dining chairs. The maid complained some more.
He peed on Mom's favorite rag and again, in the sofa. He chewed some more wood. The chair is almost chipping off a whole segment of its four legs. The maid was furious.

I had to give him away.

Mom saw me crying she told me that she doesn't want to see me this way. She said I could get him back.

Too late. Can I still save myself from eternal sorrow? Being away from my beloved precious ASHTON? :(

-Tinay 4:18 AM |

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
TINAY @ 18
This is so vulgar but I have to do this because I lost every single name in my phone book. Let's see.. It's my 18th birthday celebration on August 26, 2006 (Saturday)at Ponticello, Makati. It's gonna be from 7pm-12am so please come early. Come in your hottest BLACK or WHITE gimmick attire.

To all my MC friends, Ateneo friends, La Salle friends, fencing friends, VCF people, please be there. This post is especially for you! Your presence means a lot to me. Thanks :)

Please confirm if you are coming. You know my number. Same old number ;P

-Tinay 8:39 PM |

Sunday, July 23, 2006
Rian's Debut at Bamboo Lounge Fort
thats my bunbun and my friends
clockwise: nikki, bea, rian, xands, rob, tinay
i love them!

-Tinay 11:58 PM |

Saturday, July 15, 2006
Before I begin my sad story, may i just notify you that you can already post comments. Blogger's Commenting facility has been fucked up for some time so I signed up for HaloScan. So please keep those feedbacks coming in! Hehe

The Loss of My Favorite Pair of Sneakers..
After undressing, I placed my used socks inside my maong Chucks and placed the sneakers inside a plastic. I hurriedly stacked all my sweaty clothes in my bag because I had an important stuff to attend to afterwards..
and right then and there it happened.. I left my Chuckies lonely in a stinky restroom...
I remember forgetting my sneakers in the third cubicle of Razon Sports Complex the next week, wherein I immediately came back to look for it. It was gone. I checked all the lockers...

To my surprise..
What's funny about losing it is that I actually found the plastic where I put it. It had nothing but my used, smelly socks in it. HAHA. So the thief actually took some effort to return the remains of the plastic that she did not want. Fuckrat!

Thank you very much for that. Just give it back, okay? I want it back...

-Tinay 4:40 PM |

Sunday, June 25, 2006
question = do you have a sister as pretty as you? :P - no i dont. i have two bothers, though hehe
tinayfan: are the comments disabled? just wanted to comment on your latest entry but couldn't. - ugh. i don't know why it's not working. it's supposed to. :(

-Tinay 7:33 PM |

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Do you know how it feels like when everything just falls apart for one day? Just one day and everything just crumbles down and crashes. All things did not fall into place and you end up picking these pieces and manually sticking the jigsaw together. It's not right when you don't even have to guts to face your mom because of a grave argument the previous night. It's not right when your groupmates leave you stranded in a flooded corridor with a heavy boombox in your right hand and an un-strapped bodybag in the other. It's not right when your boyfriend tells you not to check his friendster account merely because he doesn't check yours (like you'd care if he does). It's not right when you dial his number to your handed-down, worn-out, self-battery-conserving cellphone to argue what the fuck is wrong with him. It's not right when Sun Cellular displays NETWORK BUSY when you've been dialing his number for more than 30 minutes then he just rejects it. It's not right when he says "I'm gonna sleep na. (with a pathetic happy face)" at 10 in the evening. It's not right when people's instant messages pop out when you don't feel like talking to anyone but him. It's not right if he makes you feel the most unimportant person in the world when just a few minutes prior to this writing, he was just a step away. It's not right when he ignores you especially when he knows that this is the time you needed him most.

-Tinay 10:17 PM |

question = where can i find ur answers here? email me:
chocofur@gmail.com :) thanks!
Right here. hehe
question = are you an ilocana? No. I just spent a week in Ilocos. Does that already make me one? :D
question = Do you have a multiply? No.
question = how r u? I'm doing great in college. So far, I think I can manage it. I THINK. Haha

-Tinay 9:19 PM |

~*~I have my feet buried beneath sand, I have my mind burned with desire and I have my heart blistered with your broken promises~*~

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